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Automattic + Salesforce 💕

Congrats to all of my friends and colleagues at Automattic and WordPress VIP. It’s been a long journey and we ain’t there yet, but today is a big day for our company, the future of WordPress and all of my peeps who worked their butts off to make this happen. Onward! Via TechCrunch: Via […]

State of the Word, 2018

The 2018 State of the Word has dropped. If you’re a WordPress fan and if you have some time, watch it. There’s some really valuable information about the future of WordPress, WordPress 5.0 and of course, Gutenberg.  More on Gutenberg here. 

Legacy Of A King

This TIME / video is superb. President Barack Obama and the legendary civil rights icon John Lewis sit down to discuss the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Today marks the 50th anniversary since his assassination. Kudos to my friend (and great reporter) Philip Elliot, whose byline appears on the story. Some more powerful […]

Extra Credit

My twin brother Matthew is a cool guy. And extremely handsome. He actually reminds me of myself, when I was younger. Over the past year or so, Matthew has made an epic transition into filmmaking. His journey started at The New School where he received a Certificate in Documentary Media Studies and where he produced […]