#LiveFromHome Challenge

If you haven’t been following the #LiveFromHome challenge, I urge you to hop on social and check it out. There’s so much pandemic inspired amazing music happening and it’s incredible.

Below is the amazing Akie Bermiss (from Lake Street Dive) performing his piano version of Vanessa Williams hit song “Save the Best for Last”. IMHO, this is music at its best! Kudos, Akie!

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you only have @rachaelpricepants to blame for this, dear reader. i was summarily challenged to push back the mounting silence of our collective enforced distancing as part of the #LiveFromHome challenge. so i took a lonesome stroll to my nearest piano and made to rise to it. i hope this finds you well. and, if worried, at least briefly distracted from that and reminded that — to quote (i think) Hannah Arendt — we are all here. hopefully that feeling and all that can draw us together will lighten the load of these times. i am grateful, at least, that we live in an age when music can travel fast as light from where it occurs to where it can (i hope) be enjoyed. also, i am meant to extend this challenge to three others that they further expand this tree of musical therapy to further reaches. and thus, @graceweber, @bski, and @mofro11 — i quote another great touchstone of our era and exclaim: I – CHOOSE – YOU!!!! #livebymusic

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